Making Progress with the Hull

2013-04-15 12.35.36

We’ve decided to change the location of the placement of our solar panel from the front of the boat to cutting off the entire top of the boat and building outriggers closer to the center.  The idea is to have the panel lie across the hull  on top of the outriggers so that the driver […]

Trouble Shooting the Nose Cone

The sheet was big enough to cover the semi-circle, but cannot be pointed very far.

Currently team Aqua Ω has been trying to trouble shoot an idea for the front tip of our boat.  We have ideas such as using a sheet of metal to make it or even possibly using fiber glass to make a hard cone on front.  This has been the hardest part of making the boat […]

Plans for the future


We are drawing up the plans for the boat’s hull and planning how everything will fit together. We plan to make the boat from scratch unlike the other two boats and will also be the only one made of wood. We are developing a duck boat type structure.  Mike and Matt are takeing the lead on […]

Giving Shape to the Blugatti

2013-04-08 12.41.08

Carl and James have given shape to the Blugatti, sawing off the top portion of the pontoon with jigsaws. James is filing the edges of the recently formed hull of the boat along with the inside edge of the area where one of our shop teachers removed an unneeded support from the front section of […]

Boat Field Trip

Students look at a canoe to see possible ideas

Engineer students along with Team Aqua Ω  go to a local canoe and boat supplier to ask questions on how we can use ideas from professional boat builders.  We learned any new terms such as rocker and how to make things more dynamic. The presetnations helped with many students design problems and helped get new […]

Team Aqua Ω Makes Key Cuts


The team has started to cut the boat a little above the half line on the pontoon for maximum buoyancy. The hull took about 3 jigsaw blades to fully cut through because the blades dulled quickly. Cutting the parabolic back was harder than it looked because of the plug that made the small capsule.  

Designing the boat frame


Michael, Mattew, and Brennon are cutting boards to make the frame to match up together, we are cutting the boards useing the table saw to make the hull of the boat. We are planning to develop the frame in the future to make a stronger boat. We are also going to develop the stearing and engine in the future when […]

The Current Standing of Aqua Ω

This is the current design using the other half of the pontoon.

Team Aqua Ω has made plenty of plan drawings and different plans such as making our own frame and boat or using a pontoon. We are leaning towards using the pontoon for a design. The pontoon has been cut in half to be shared by different groups. The designs will differ according to the plans […]

Measuring the Pontoon for Blugatti


James and Seth are measuring the cut pontoon.  We received a large pontoon from Duane’s Marine and have cut it into three peices.  The piece displayed is, at the moment, going to be used on “The Blugatti.”