2013 Solar Boat Sponsors


Thank you to all of our sponsors of the 2013 Solar Boat Build.  This years sponsors are: Silicon Energy, ArcelorMittal, US Steel, Joy Global, Duanes Marine, Virginia Educational Fund, Carl Perkins-Mini Grant, and Spring Creek Outfitters.  This project is a cooperative between the students, school, community, industry, and local businesses.  Without you support this project […]

Moving on to the wiring


                            We are now done putting the hull together we have most of the steering and system together. We have decided to go with the trolling motor turning system we have put the solar panel on and the trrolling motore. We still have to add the batteries and connect the trolling motor and the solar panel to […]

Attaching the Panel

2013-04-23 13.04.20

The Blugatti team is about ready to start hooking up the panel! Garrett and Seth are currently attaching the solar panel to our outrigging system. Construction of the retractable part of the outrigger pontoons (donated by Spring Creek Outfitters) will be starting soon.

Trying to Bend a Nose Cone

The final look on the cut we made.

Team Aqua Ω came up with a new idea in making a sturdy nose cone involving bending the aluminum pontoon in a certain area to meet together to a cone shape.  However we did not realize how hard and stiff the aluminum was gauged and ended up not working to our advantage.  We continue to […]

Puting the puzzle together


  The group is working together to make the hulls last pieces fit together of the boats hull will be put together today. The boat will have a fiber glass reson added after the boats hull has been put together. We will than progress to add the trolling motore and add the stearing system also the motor and […]

Coming together


We have made the structer and developed supports to increase the streangth of the boat. The group still plans on haveing a fiber glass reson coat put on by sometime next week. we will be adding the trolling motore and possibly be testing the boat out sometime between roughly may 7th to the 10th some […]

Development of the hull


We are now putting the boat together and still forming the shape as we move along as we go along we are makeing the structer. We are glueing the frame together and riveting the frame for security in the hull. We plan to have it tested soon and put together. We are also going to […]