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2012-12-23 11.53.11

Finished outriggers on Aqua Ω!

The crew has just finished up putting outriggers on there boat and will be using them to help balance it in case of wind or waves. The entire solar panel along with the outrigger elevator is attached to the main hull with bolts and nuts. Measurements have been carefully made for this part.

The final look on the cut we made.

Trying to Bend a Nose Cone

Team Aqua Ω came up with a new idea in making a sturdy nose cone involving bending the aluminum pontoon in a certain area to meet together to a cone shape.  However we did not realize how hard and stiff the aluminum was gauged and ended up not working to our advantage.  We continue to […]

The sheet was big enough to cover the semi-circle, but cannot be pointed very far.

Trouble Shooting the Nose Cone

Currently team Aqua Ω has been trying to trouble shoot an idea for the front tip of our boat.  We have ideas such as using a sheet of metal to make it or even possibly using fiber glass to make a hard cone on front.  This has been the hardest part of making the boat […]

Students look at a canoe to see possible ideas

Boat Field Trip

Engineer students along with Team Aqua Ω  go to a local canoe and boat supplier to ask questions on how we can use ideas from professional boat builders.  We learned any new terms such as rocker and how to make things more dynamic. The presetnations helped with many students design problems and helped get new […]


Team Aqua Ω Makes Key Cuts

The team has started to cut the boat a little above the half line on the pontoon for maximum buoyancy. The hull took about 3 jigsaw blades to fully cut through because the blades dulled quickly. Cutting the parabolic back was harder than it looked because of the plug that made the small capsule.  

This is the current design using the other half of the pontoon.

The Current Standing of Aqua Ω

Team Aqua Ω has made plenty of plan drawings and different plans such as making our own frame and boat or using a pontoon. We are leaning towards using the pontoon for a design. The pontoon has been cut in half to be shared by different groups. The designs will differ according to the plans […]

Solar Boat Regatta

Welcome to Solar Boat Regata Challenge of 2013!!!

*Please read the whole post* This year 3 teams have been formed (Aqua Ω, Iron Wolf, and Blugatti) in the 2013 Virginia Engineering Club and we look forward to building great solar boats this year. We have two experimental classes, and a regular class team(s). Visit the regatta site here! Watch the experience from the […]