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Final Competition Results and a Thanks

For the second year running, 2013 Virginia Engineering Club has taken first place  in the website competition.  A great thanks goes to our website crew: Ali (blugatti), Chase (iron wolf) Stephanie and Kaleb (aqua omega) and Timothy ( solar boat) .  These five were responsible for updating and managing the site, but they could not […]


The iron wolf team

We had a ton of fun creating the boat and designing the boat from scratch. The whole group was happy with the results. The wolf head was a design created by joey basically our team artist the rest of the group including joey helped to design and build the boat. Designing and building the boat […]


Smoking or Non?

To our surprise on its way back from the speed race, Blugatti started bellowing smoke.  It seems that some of the wiring melted together after getting too hot from the large voltage flowing through them.  We weren’t able to use the front motor anymore and sadly we were disqualified from the race but were allowed […]


Race day

On the left hand side that is the boat and our board set up and ready before the first race started. On the right hand side that is joey heading to the speed race start line. We placed 3rd in the speed race.


Genesis Tour

Here are most of our website crew posing by one of Genesis’ larger shears.  On this tour we learned about what goes into and the lengthy process of making these incredible machines.  The largest shears Genesis makes were used to help close up the broken pipe which caused the BP oil spill.  It was quite interesting how all […]


Amsoil Trip

The entire group enjoyed Amsoil the most because of the details the company used such as high flashpoint tanks, safety measures, complex lab to make the oil, and the processing and containment of the oil. The packaging of the oil was very interesting.


Touring Cirrus

The whole club went to cirrus as our first tour we went on while heading down to Minneapolis. Cirrus is the only aircraft manufacturer to put parachutes on their planes. Cirrus will be manufacturing jets that hold 9 to 5 people the jet is suppose to be manufactured in about 3 years.


Steering System

We recently added an aluminum steering system because we do not want major steel parts to be used on the body.  It consists of a sliding pivot system with an aluminum bar connected to the shaft of the motor.  The motor head was cut off and placed where we can easily reach it.  The steering […]


The Wiring

We are currently working on wiring the boats solar panel, battery, and trolling motor into one electronic system after this we should be ready for a test and we will be adding one more thing for decoration next week.