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Katie racing the Endurance race


Katie made several laps during her portion of the Endurance race.  The pit stops were pretty tricky maneuvering around other boats coming in to pit.  Katie is following close behind Forrest in the Virginia Blue-Ray.

Zukra preparing for her Speed Race!


We were fortunate enough to have a foreign exchange student be a part of our Introduction to Engineering Class .  Zukra is from Tanzania!  Zukra was very active in the designing and building of our solar boats.  This was Zukra’s second time ever operating a boat.  Zukra competed in the experimental class, and competed in the speed […]



The Virginia Blue-Ray team consisted of Mike, Forrest, Katie. Mr.Foster, Ben, and Austin.  This boat also passed inspection and was cleared to race.  The Virginia Blue-Ray ended up being the fastest student class boat!!  It finished 3rd overall.

Preparing the Virginia BLUE-RAY to RACE!


The Virginia Blue-Ray team makes preparations for the race.  This boat will race in the Student Class of competition.  We are attaching the solar panel, metal framing, and out rigging pontoons onto the kayak.

Go-Float Boats TOUR


On Friday we toured Go-Float Boats.  This company designs and manufactured electric boats.  We learned about design and manufacturing.  These electric boats range from $3000-$4000.

Boat Transportation


The crew is hauling the Iron Devil to the beach.  We brought a school bus with a trailer so we were not able to get as close to the beach as the other teams.  Carrying the boat without the batteries and motor wasn’t too hard to do but certainly needed all six people to move […]

Moose Mountain Mini Golf


  Our whole group started off by playing 18 holes of mini golf.  Out of all of us Ben ended up being the best mini golf player, with Austin coming in second place.  By the looks of this photo it appears that Austin and Mike are looking to take out some of the competition.  Once […]