Fun with Foam

Lil Yachty and the Ripper are ready to fill parts of their boats with foam! The Ripper is filling their pontoons with the foam for the increased buoyancy. Lil Yachty filled both ends of their boat or Continue Reading →

RDR Update

The Red Devil Rescue is hard at work by putting up their boat and making it look like a real rescue boat. The boat has just finished the stages of the hull and is almost ready for sealing the exterior.

The Ripper

The Ripper is another student class boat which is competing at the Solar Boat Regatta the student of the team are Jayden Nordby, Tanner Rowe, Deondre Williams, and Zach Danielson.


The have started with their base and continue to make more progress everyday of making the “practical student boat”

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Lil Yachty

Team Lil Yachty is made up of Aubrey, Tyson, Alex, and Ricky. They are building their boat to be like a tiny yacht.