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Lake Assault Boats

Thanks to Lake Assault Boats for taking us on the tour of the facility and showing us the place where out fire rescue boat was built

VEC takes cover

The Club gets to watch a F-16 take off and snap a photo thanks to club teacher and advisor Mr. Greg Foster fast thinking

VEC poses for a photo

Virginia Engineering Club takes a second from learning about the new Cirrus plane the club took a 2 hour tour full of information questions and a amazing time looking at all the cool planes

VHS Engineering Students Make Headlines

The Virginia engineering students make headlines in the Mesabi Daily News while testing their solar boats on Friday, May 12th click the  picture to view the whole article and the picture

Testing the Waters

The boats are being loaded onto carts to be brought to the school pool. The teams are putting their boats to the water to test buoyancy. Buoyancy is Read More…